What home trends are hot and what's not in 2024?

Are you considering making some updates to your home but want to stay on trend with what buyers are looking for in 2024?

If you’re considering making upgrades to your home, you may be wondering, what are today’s buyers looking for as far as current design trends and what you should skip when making your selections. Let’s dive in!

One of the hottest trends hitting homes in 2024 is gold plumbing and light fixtures! Remember the days of the 70s and 80s when gold reigned supreme in households everywhere? It’s been a minute since they’ve been popular, but guess what? It's making a comeback! Just like fashion trends that cycle back into style, gold is reclaiming its throne in the world of home decor. While stainless has been the go-to option for several years, more and more folks are saying goodbye to stainless and hello to the glamorous allure of gold when it comes to faucets, fixtures, and those eye-catching accent pieces.

White cabinets are still a big hit, but a lot of buyers are jazzing them up with warmer-colored countertops and paint. People still want that modern vibe with clean lines and finishes, but we’re starting to see people lean toward warmer colors like beige and cream. We’re also seeing a lot of blue tones named the 2024 Colors of the Year including Satin French Blue by Rust-Oleum, Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore, and Upward by Sherwin-Williams, which they describe as a “bright and breezy blue.”

Keeping on trend with the desire for a modern vibe, a lot of buyers are drawn toward things like polished concrete floors and large tiles, which are becoming more popular in creating a super sleek and minimalist design. We’re even seeing it in baseboards and casings that are flush with the walls to add that extra modern touch!

And in today’s technologically driven age, it’s no surprise that smart home features are a big draw for many buyers. Having the ability to control your lights, security system, and thermostat from your phone is becoming the standard in a lot of homes- and even smart appliances, like refrigerators, ovens and microwaves are gaining popularity. So if you’re thinking about making upgrades to your home this summer, you may want to keep these trends in mind.

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