How To Test Drive a Neighborhood Without Getting Off the Couch

Let’s face it, Florida is a great place to live, so it’s no wonder we have so many out of state buyers. We hear it all the time: “I’ve always dreamed of living near the beach. What’s the area like? I’ve never been, but I can’t come visit right now.” Luckily, the Internet delivers the world to your laptop and you can learn about an area without ever leaving your living room! Here are a few types for out-of-town shoppers:

Join social media groups that are area specific. There are a number of local groups you can find on sites like facebook. A few of our favorites in the Daytona Beach Area are Volusia County Moms, What’s Happening in Port Orange, and Nextdoor.

Take a Walk with Google: Google Street View gives you a great idea of the layout of the neighborhood. Simply go to, search for an address, open the address in street view, and you can walk down the street!

Browse Online: Our website is a great place to explore the area. We’ve broken it down by city, neighborhood, and lifestyle and provide tons of information about the neighborhood, city, and schools. We also provide detailed property information as well as video walkthroughs when the option is available.

And when you find a house you like, Alice Cooper Team is happy to do a video walkthough for you to help you get a better idea of a home. We've sold a number of homes to buyers site unseen, and we'd be happy to help you do the same! 

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