Alice Cooper The Rockstar, Alice Cooper The Realtor

“Alice Cooper? Is that really your name?”

“Alice Cooper? I thought you were doing a concert in California tonight, what are you doing showing houses in Florida?”

“Alice Cooper, perfect name, because you’re a rock star!”

“Alice Cooper Team? Are you all fans of the musician or is that your team lead?”

“Alice Cooper, isn’t he the famous singer that bit the head off of a bat?”

Yes, Alice Cooper is her real name (thanks to husband Tom Cooper) and no, Alice Cooper didn’t bite the head off of a bat- that was Ozzy Osbourne! 

Before the birth of the Alice Cooper Team, we considered a number of options for the team name, but we always came back to Alice Cooper Team. Really, how could we NOT use that name? Besides, Alice Cooper the Realtor has embraced her namesake on more than one Halloween occasion!

Alice Cooper Realtor as Alice Cooper Singer

And while it’s easy to remember the real estate agent in Port Orange with the rock star name, we take the name recognition seriously. We want our customers to remember the great service they received in buying and selling real estate in Volusia County. So if you’re looking for a rock star real estate agent in the Greater Daytona Beach area, the Alice Cooper Team is here to give you the show of a lifetime (or at least exceptional customer service, true professionalism, and local expertise for a smooth real estate transaction!)  We like to think that OUR Alice Cooper is THE Alice Cooper, but we'll leave that to our customers to decide. 

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